A Real Friend

Misunderstood by many

Truly accepted by few

Throwing around the word friend

But suddenly acting brand new

People change they come and go

A silent whisper in the night

The sunset on the horizon

Slowly fading out of sight

When the darkness comes

That’s when you truly see

The ones who chose to stay

Despite the misery

Despite the anger and the pain

Despite you pushing them away

Despite the sadness and the rain

The hurtful words you don’t mean to say

Let me be your punching bag

If you need to talk I’ll be an ear

Let me be a helping hand

And help you conquer all your fear

Don’t be afraid to be weak

When I’m standing next to you

And trust that I’ll be there

Because that’s what a real friend would do

Written for someone close to me who was left behind and walked on by “friends”, she just needed a real friend.

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