Do you see me as I am

Or am I simply a reflection

Of your past and your mistakes

Instead of being an exception

My dreams are my own

My desires are real

Yet I cry alone in my room

Afraid to tell you how I feel

Afraid to see the disappointment

With the look upon your face

As I stand amongst the others

Still in the running for first place

My accomplishments no longer my own

It is you who wears a smile

Who brags amongst their peers

Yet haven’t even walked a mile

In the shoes I’m pushed to fill

Towards a fate I do not know

Though it may be because you care

You aren’t allowing me to grow

As I watch the flowers bloom

And wish for an escape

I try to loosen the chains

That keep me weighted to one place

The place that once was home

The good memories start to fade

And all that’s left is darkness

And an unending debt left to be paid

The laughter starts to fade

The smiles become a frown

The place that once was happiness

I no longer wish to be around

The good memories will follow

But I will never forget the pain

The feeling of not being good enough

Will stay embedded in my brain

I hope to be the one to break

This endless cycle of shame

To be better because I chose to be

Not because you and I are the same

I will follow my own path

To be the best version of myself

Learning to love and understand others

Is much more valuable than wealth

Written for a friend who was struggling with the fear of disappointing her parents.

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