Even if it’s the Devil

The darkness returns

The sky cries as do I

Now I understand

The reason my father wanted to die

How can you trust when you can’t see

How can you love when you can’t feel

How can you ever find happiness

When it’s simply an ideal

A dormant heart come back to life

And there he is, waiting for me

Ready to wipe away my tears

Remind me of my misery

It is there that I find comfort

It is there that I find peace

It is there that I belong

It is there my destiny

So I welcome him in

I let him claim my heart his home

Because even if it’s the devil

I will never feel alone

I surrendered long ago

And he reminds me of my place

He comes for me at once

As a smile appears on my face

He finds beauty in my sadness

He deprives me of my sleep

He brings me to my knees

Where I am forced to lie and weep

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