Would you…

If you saw me through the fog

Would you still come to my rescue

If the pathway was unclear

But you heard me calling out for you

If the sunshine never came

Would you light a fire to see

If you witnessed all of my scars

Would you shy away from me

If you saw me at my worst

Would you love me at my best

If I was too tired to put up a fight

Would you wait for me to rest

If you saw that I was lost

Would you help me find my way

If I ever lose control

Would you run or would you stay

If I showed you I was weak

Would you lend your strength to me

If I told you all my secrets

Would you use them against me

If I gave you all of my love

Would it help you understand

If I told you that I need you

Would you let go of my hand

If I started to push you away

Would you fight to keep me near

If you saw that I was in pain

Would you tell me what I need to hear

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