Making Her Mark

She wonders why people point out her flaws

She wonders why people even see her at all

So the only place she can truly disappear

Is inside her head, where she can live without fear

And the girl she hides is not who she pretends to be

Because she wants to escape from who she’s truly meant to be

Once she’s free from her cell comes a point of no return

Each person that comes to visit is another lesson learned

Some made her cower in a corner on the floor

Some made her dream, and showed her the art of war

Some taught her silence and how to keep her rage within

Some brought out her claws and made her want to sin

Then there was one who she showed every single side of her

So the person she thought she was, started to become a blur

He never ran, he always listened, and when he left she felt alone

He showed her life was short and her prison cell was not her home

The door was never locked and it was simply an illusion

So when the walls started to crumble she was filled with nothing but confusion

The iron frame slowly opened, she took one step out of the door

She felt free, she felt alive now that she didn’t have to hide herself anymore

A moment of hesitation as she looked back into the dark

So she returned to her bed of black roses as she contemplated making her mark

There would be no helping hand, there would be no safety net

And the odds would be against her, on that she could bet

The obstacles would be endless and there would be no time for mistakes

But a matter of survival and to prove she has what it takes

So she wanted to enjoy her comfort for just a second more

Before she was forced to wear her armor and steadily prepare for war

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