The essence of darkness

The place that none dare venture

Where she locks herself away

Seeking a grand adventure

A penny for your thought

Just throw it in her wishing well

Although it may not make her rich

It gives her many stories to tell

What is it that you hide

What is it that you seek

She knows from what you say

The dark secrets you do not speak

Guidance of the heart

A place to shed your tears

Young at first sight

But wise beyond her years

When you look into the water

What do you see in your reflection

A child that is wandering

A monster in its perfection

For she only sees the truth

Through the lies above the surface

But before you get your wish

You must offer her your service

She will pull you into darkness

She cannot help the weak

But for those who dare to listen

Her methods for healing are quite unique

You must be wary of her presence

You will find yourself exposed

When she lets go of your hand

You will find the door to innocence has been closed

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